Facebooks Latest Stand Alone App: Rooms


Facebook has been expanding their line of stand alone apps and have just released their latest- Rooms.

Rooms was designed by Facebook to be a sort of modern day chat room where users can chat about different topics all while being anonymous.

An announcement from Facebook states- “people can create places for the things you are into and invite others who are into them too.”

Users can begin their own topics such as Pug Lovers or BeeKeeping and then customize the look and feel of the forums. They can also share photos and videos on the topic.

One of the main features of this new app is the anonymity as users can chat under multiple usernames and never really reveal their identity.

This is definitely a step in a different direction for Facebook who have long insisted that users communicate under their real names. It just goes to show however, that anonymity really is increasing in popularity.

Anonymous apps have recently been growing too such as Secret, Whisper and even Reddit which allows users to contribute to community discussions using a nickname or username of their choice.

Of course, appearing anonymous has its benefits but also its negatives as it allows trolls to roam freely without having to take responsibility for their words.

The new Facebook app launches today.

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