Pressure is on for eBay as more Fraudulent Accounts Exposed


It has been a rough week for eBay as pressure increases for them to remove listing that are fraudulent and dangerous for consumers.

Over 100 listings have been identified on eBay as being dangerous, that is the listings are either fake or designed in a way to collect customer data and personal information.

The research was conducted by the BBC who reached out to eBay in regards to the matter- their response? “We will continue to review all site features and content.”

In their research, the BBC found that the dangerous accounts often had a 100% feedback rating and appeared to have sold hundreds of items.

They also found that when customers clicked on these compromised links, they were bought to a page that asked the user for their bank details.

The reason that sellers can put these sorts of pages in their online shop is due to Javascript and Flash being enabled.

eBay has apparently acknowledged that both these software significantly raise the “likelihood of malicious code”.

As more awareness of these dangerous accounts are exposed, the pressure is building for eBay to come up with a strategy to protect consumers.

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