Is Your Phone Provider is Ripping You Off? What to Look For

t-mobile phone bill

Are you getting ripped off by your phone provider?

After news leaked that T-Mobile was charging customers for fake services, the Federal Trade Commission has issued a warning to consumers over what to look for on their phone bill.

The FTC is asking customers to become more aware of services listed on their bills such as membership, service and voice mail fees and to question their carriers as to what they really mean.

These charges are known as “cramming” and all phone providers do it however, T-Mobile has been called out and is now under a lawsuit to pay back consumers the hundreds of millions of dollars they collected from charging these service fees.

T-Mobile is not the only service provider “cramming”, and estimates have indicated that Americans pay close to $2 billion a year in these types of fraudulent fees.

CEO of T-Mobile claims that their fees are being sensationalized and that they are taking appropriate steps to keep costs low for customers, “T-Mobile has in the past and will continue to keep our pledge to bill customers only for what they want and what they have purchased for as long as I am CEO of this company.”

If you notice any odd charges on your phone bill, no matter how small, call your service provider. If the charges are not in your contract, or don’t seem to add up, file a complaint with the FTC.

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