Is Apple Still Number One?

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Who is the leading smartphone retailer in the US – Apple? Samsung? Microsoft? 

The results are in and according to statistics from ComScore, Apple is still number one when it comes to choosing a smartphone.

iPhones account for nearly 41.9% of the smartphone market which is a considerable lead from Samsung who comes in second with 27.8%, followed by LG with 6.5%, Motorola with 6.3% and HTC with 5.1%.

Over 70% of Americans own a smartphone and it seems that Apple is still the most popular brand of choice due to its aesthetics, technology and subsidized price by phone carriers.

Overseas however, Android comes out on top, taking 52.1% of the market followed by Apple with 41.9%, Microsoft with 3.4% and Blackberry with 2.3%.

In terms of Android handsets, Samsung’s are the most popular and currently hold about 20% of the market, which is considerable considering the number of phones available with Android software.

Android phones tend to appeal to a wider demographic because of their reasonable price points and their features. Many international phone providers do not offer subsidies for the iPhone, making the price tag too high for consumers.

These results are good news for Apple as they get ready to release their latest iPhone in the coming months.

Many have speculated that the iPhone 6 will have a bigger screen, much like their rival, Samsung and Apple has already announced their new iOS update which includes a series of new apps such as HealthKit.

Apple has definitely faced some harsh months here in the US as Samsung does continue to challenge them however, it seems that most Americans are still loyal Apple fans.

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