Google Chrome is exploiting your system!

Google Chrome the most popular internet browser continues to be a title. Google, on the other hand, Specter CPU it now uses a lot more memory to fix security vulnerabilities. Chrome RAM usage how much did it increase? Chrome RAM usage increased by 10%! Google, Chrome 67 version of the new Site Isolation (Site isolation) … Read more

Huawei fast charge technology is flying!

Wireless charging and fast charging today’s technology smart phone they are among the essentials of fashion. As a result, there is a serious competition among producers in this field. Finally emerging Huawei fast charging technology may be the fastest of the farther away. Huawei’s fast charging technology sounds challenging! Soon Oppo Find X Lamborghini Edition … Read more

iOhouse Space

Some homes have garden gnomes in their yards. Others have a James Turrell Skyspace. The Arrowhead House happens to have the latter. Built in the desert neighborhood of The Ridges, the dwelling is wrapped around a central courtyard housing the contemporary art piece. The structure itself complements the installation with its own set of clean … Read more

Makr Shakr Nino Robotic Bartender

Add “bartender” to the list of professions in danger of succumbing to our robotic overlords. The Nino Robotic Bartender is the latest version of Makr Shakr’s proven Bionic Bar. Thanks to a cache of up to 170 different bottles it can create nearly any libation imaginable, using a pair of robotic arms — one to … Read more

Urwerk Ur-105 Kryptonite Watch

Named for its bright green SuperLuminova numerals and indications, the Urwerk Ur-105 Kryptonite Watch is all about contrast. Its 39.5mm octagonal case is crafted from matte black AlTiN-coated titanium, creating a dramatic look, and has a catch on the top you need to slide to reveal the wandering hour mechanism. Twin pneumatic turbines on the … Read more

AEV Recruit Ram 1500 Conversion Kit

American Expedition Vehicles has been making parts and conversion kits for Jeeps since 1997. Now they’re increasing their full-size truck lineup with the Recruit, a slightly lighter-duty conversion than their Prospector series for the Ram 1500. Designed to keep the on-road ride comfortable while increasing the offroad capability, the Recruit starts with AEV’s 4″ lift … Read more

Slumber – Breathable Bed Sheets

👋 Hey, Read the in-depth review on our Blog! Read More Let your skin breathe while you sleep with the Slumber – Breathable Bed Sheets. Made from certified 100% Egyptian cotton, these sheets are woven with extra-long cotton fibers. This durable design has less chance of tearing or snagging and the soft material ensures a … Read more

Dojo – The Ultimate Internet Security Device

Make sure your family safely uses the Internet with Dojo, the ultimate internet security device. Dojo provides a layer between your devices and the network to protect you from any threats or risks to your security and even privacy. Because it’s super smart and sophisticated, Dojo learns your internet patterns to better determine a threat … Read more

TUWAN Smart Anti-Snore Pillow Pad

Comfortably stop snoring with the TUWAN Smart Anti-Snore Pillow Pad. This patented non-intrusive and effective gadget lets you and your loved one enjoy quiet sleep while using your favorite pillow. Free of mouth guards, nose clips or earplugs, TUWAN detects snores without requiring you to wear anything on your face. Simply place the TUWAN pillow … Read more

ADIFF Transforming Tent Jacket

Transform your clothing based on your needs with ADIFF’s highly functional Tent Jacket. Stylish and practical, weather-resistant, yet totally breathable, this tri-season jacket offers more than what meets the eye. The Tent Jacket instantly shape-shifts into a tent and back again in just moments. Originally designed for refugees who are constantly on the move to … Read more