ADIFF Transforming Tent Jacket

Transform your clothing based on your needs with ADIFF’s highly functional Tent Jacket. Stylish and practical, weather-resistant, yet totally breathable, this tri-season jacket offers more than what meets the eye. The Tent Jacket instantly shape-shifts into a tent and back again in just moments. Originally designed for refugees who are constantly on the move to be used as a shelter, this jacket is also ideal for those with an adventurous soul who want to get a lot out of their clothing. Operating on a buy-one-give-one model, for every jacket purchased, we donate one to refugees or homeless. The Tent Jacket works perfectly as a stylish lightweight shell for a day out in the city, or for a camping adventure out in the woods. And, in tent mode, there’s plenty of space for one to two people to fit comfortably inside the tent.

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