Google Chrome is exploiting your system!

Google Chrome the most popular internet browser continues to be a title. Google, on the other hand, Specter CPU it now uses a lot more memory to fix security vulnerabilities. Chrome RAM usage how much did it increase?

Chrome RAM usage increased by 10%!

Google, Chrome 67 version of the new Site Isolation (Site isolation) detailing the feature. The property, which is now defaulted, Specter side channel attacks Users against NA are aiming to protect. It is stated that some CPUs have access to the memory partitions whose execution capabilities should be restricted, so the usage of Chrome RAM is also increased.

Chrome RAM

Google Chrome Site Isolation but it also involves performance changes as it has to carry out more operations. This means that in a larger number of transactions, 10-13 percent increase is meant to mean. It’s hard to imagine that those who complain about Chrome’s RAM usage will be much more complaining about this increase. In particular, an increase of 10 percent is considerable. Especially the 4 GB or less RAM This increase in the systems that are found is at a level that will make you feel more and more.

Chrome memory usage increase Windows , Match and Chrome OS platforms. Google emphasizes that it is working to reduce this impact, and that engineers want to keep Chrome safe and secure with optimization.

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