Why Googles Number One Competition is Amazon


Google has just expanded its same day delivery shopping service in order to compete with their number one competitor, Amazon.

The Google Express service is now available in parts of California, New York City, Boston, Chicago and Washington DC.

Users will be able to join the service for $95 for the whole year or $10 per month. This is comparable with Amazon Prime which charges around $99 for a one year membership.

Google Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt stated, “many people think our main competition is Bing or Yahoo. But really, our biggest search competitor is Amazon.”

Amazon has been almost quietly growing in power in recent years as more and more turn to their store to search for products,  to read reviews and to buy merchandise.

Amazon Prime users are also using the service more than ever thanks to the free 2 day shipping option and the many discounts on offer.

Since announcing the new shopping service, Google shares rose around 1.7 percent.

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