How Much Does the iPhone Really Cost Apple to Make?

iphone 6

Ever wondered how much it cost Apple to make an iPhone?

Well according to the latest research, the iPhone 6 costs the company just $200 to make.

If you were to buy an iPhone 6 from a retailer without a phone plan, consumers could expect to pay $649- leaving Apple with a 69% profit margin.

Of course, this profit margin does not factor in labor, marketing and other strategies used to actually sell the device, but it is interesting to note just how lucrative these phones really are.

The same research found that the iPhone 6 Plus, which retails for $100 more than the iPhone 6, costs the company just $15.50 extra to make, resulting in a 71% profit margin.

The most expensive feature of the device is the touch screen which costs Apple around $45 for the 4.7 inch phone and around $52.50 for the 5.5 inch phone.

The camera comes in next, costing the company $12.50 for the Plus model and $11 for the 6 model.

Again, we must point out that these profit margins don’t factor in labor, marketing, research, development, software, shipping, and licensing.

The company does however, have gross margins of 39.4% in the most recent fiscal quarter, which is up by 3 percent since this time last year.

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