Is your iPhone 6 Plus Bending? A Genius Could Help

bent iphone

Is your iPhone 6 Plus bending? You may be in luck as Apple’s Genius bar could replace the phone for you for free.

Its been a viral story across the web as new owners of the iPhone 6 Plus have found that when put inside their pocket, their new phone begins to bend.

In fact, one video that was uploaded of a man bending his iPhone 6 Plus with his hands got more than 20 million hits in the first 48 hours.

An Apple representative spoke up about the matter saying that an employee at the Genius bar could review the phone and replace it if it seems necessary.

According to the representative, a Genius bar employee can conduct a Visual Mechanical Inspection, if the phone passes then a new one will be issued as part of the Apple Warranty. If it doesn’t pass the inspection however, then customers would have to fork the expense out of their own pocket.

“This is 100 percent up t the Genius you speak with at the store,” further stated the representative.

Apparently Apple is looking into the “bendgate” issue in detail however they are yet to release an official statement.

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