Mozilla CEO Forced to Step Down for his Beliefs on Gay Rights


Mozilla CEO has stepped down less than two weeks into accepting the position due to overwhelming controversy over his disapproval for gay rights.

Brendan Eich has renounced his position as CEO of Mozilla after several board members left and several companies boycotted the Firefox web browser in support of gay rights.

It seems that Mozilla employees complained the loudest, taking to their Twitter to protest Eich’s appointment as the new CEO after he gave money to a proposition that did not support equal rights for the gay community.

OkCupid, a popular dating site also posted a notice, urging Firefox users to stop using the web browser in order to support gay rights.

Soon the news went viral and Eich was forced to step down, a move that some claim is a result of discrimination.

If Eich could not support the beliefs of others is it fair to not support his beliefs too?

Andrew Sullivan, a gay writer and same sex marriage activist stated, “the whole episode disgusts me- as it should disgust anyone interested in a tolerant and diverse society. If this is the gay rights movement today- hounding our opponents with fanticism more like the religious right than anyone else- then count me out.”

Jim Edward from the Business Insider also had this to say- “At the heart of the move is a fundamental contradiction: Eich’s foes disapproved of Eich’s intolerance for LGBT people. But in the end they could not tolerate Eich’s opinions, which for years he kept private and, by all accounts, did not bring into the workplace.”

Do you think it was fair for Eich to step down?



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