Google’s Project Loon Travels the World in Just 22 Days

google loon

Google’s Project Loon, which is aiming to bring internet access to remote areas of the world through hot air balloons, has managed to travel around the world in just 22 days. 

Google managed to take their test balloon and travel it around the world in just 22 days, a feat that was estimated to take 33.

This amazing triumph for the company during the testing stages of Project Loom has given Google a new found confidence in brining internet access to more countries around the world.

The prototype balloon titled, Ibis-167 started over the Pacific Ocean then head towards Chile and Argentina. It then made it’s way around Australia and New Zealand before returning.

It travelled a total of 311,000 miles and reach speeds of up to 75 knots. It also faced strong west to east winds in the southern hemisphere which many believed help the balloon move faster.

Google also experimented with adding an improved air pump to the balloon to make it stronger in periods of high winds and to help it move faster.

Both Google and Facebook have been working with similar concepts to help bring the internet to a billion people around the world, particularly those in remote areas who dont have access . Facebook is using solar drones that are equipped with lasers whereas Google prefers to use hot air balloons that run with steam.



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