Monoprice’s Battery Backup and LED Flashlight for iPhone, iPod comes with a 5,200mAh battery

monorpice battery backup

Most of us use our phones as a torch (using the built-in flash of course) regularly. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most taxing job for the little battery in our smartphones. While you can keep a power bank around, it isn’t the most efficient way to charge your phone using the power bank and then use the flashlight when it’s needed the most.

So how about a something that combines a power bank and a torch into one single pocket friendly device? Monoprice’s Battery Backup and LED Flashlight for iPhone, iPod and other Android devices combines USB level battery backup with an LED flashlight, making it a perfect accessory to pocket or purse. The battery backup features a 5200 mAh capacity, which is enough to charge an iPhone 5/5s at least two times and the iPhone 6/6 Plus more than once. The maximum charge output is 1.5A which ensures quick charging for your phone.

The battery backup also features an LED flashlight. The advantage of having the torch built into the power bank being that besides having a standalone torch, it will last longer than the flashlight on your phone. Blue LEDs along the side of the device indicate the current charging level and charging activity. The battery is charged using a micro USB cable, which is included in the package. Also included is a soft draw-string bag for storage of the battery and the charging cable.

The device saves space, weight, time, and money and comes in extremely handy when you’re away from reliable power for a few days at a time. Think of situations like a road trip, or when you’re bouncing between airports, or if you end up in a region without electricity. It’s also useful when you’re burning through battery life very quickly, like during long days at a tradeshow/conference or long flights across whole oceans or continents. It’ll add precious hours to your phone to keep it running when you most need it.

Source: Monoprice

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