MIT Scientists Create Self Assembling Robots

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MIT Scientists Create Self Assembling Robots

MIT Scientists can managed to create self assembling robots that can assemble themselves into particular patterns.

“Our objective is to design self-assembling and self-reconfiguring robot systems. These are modular robots with the ability of changing their geometry according to task and this is exciting because a robot designed for a single task has a fixed architecture. And that robot will perform a single task well but it will perform poorly on a different task in a different environment,” according to a video with one of the engineers.

These robots can self configure themselves into particular patterns.

Apparently the robots can perform a single task extremely well, but then we when you add multiple tasks the quality of how they perform those tasks begins to deteriorate. When technology catches up and engineers are able to make the robots complete multiple tasks in extraordinary fashion then we will truly be in for something amazing and it will highlight the next step in robot engineering.


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