Google Glass Gets A New Update

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Google Glass Gets A New Update

The $1500 wearable computers that wear like glasses just got a new update.

Now they can direct you on foot, and also help with bus and subway routes.

The risk for many people is still vast, that you are wearing a $1500 computer as a pair of glasses. Not only are they a $1500 computer, they are a rare, somewhat hard to get $1500 computer. The theft risk is pretty high. Especially in urban areas and crowded subway cars.

So, if you have a $1500 pair of Google Glass and you are using in the subways of NYC to help you navigate, you are a somewhat becoming a target. Is that a great idea? I guess that’s up to the consumer and individual user.

Here’s how you can ask Google Glass for transit directions:

“From the Home screen, get directions by saying “ok glass, get directions to…” Glass will pull up directions by whatever method you used last. To switch the manner of transportation, tap the directions card and swipe until you see Transit.”

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