Microsoft Reveals New Xbox One Game System

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Microsoft has unboxed its new game and entertainment system Xbox One on Tuesday in Redmond, Washington.

Microsoft has unboxed it’s new game and entertainment system Xbox One on Tuesday. The system takes game consoles one step further to become a try all-in-one entertainment, communication and gaming device. The new system will replace the Xbox360, which has been around now for nearly 8 years.

Among amazing features of the new Xbox One, the system has the ability to multitask multiple applications at a time. It can split into multiple tasks at once, as well. You can watch TV, listen to music, Skype video chat, surf the game and play videos games all at once if you want. On top of all of that you can do this with hand gestures and verbal commands.

Most of the details came through in a flurry about the new Xbox One. It features 8GB of Ram, and 500GB Hard Drive.

There are a number of details still missing from the unveiling such as when the system will launch and what it will cost. More information is expected sometime next month, for now you can enjoy the rumor-mill has begun!


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