Flickr to Offer a Terabyte of Storage


Yahoo has revamped photo sharing site, Flickr to now offer a free terabyte of storage so that users can upload images at their original resolution.

The changes to the site come after Yahoo received criticism for not keeping Flickr up to speed and allowing sites like Instagram to take the lead.

The changes are designed to “make Flickr awesome again,” stated CEO, Marissa Mayer who comments that still 89 million people across the world continue to use Flickr.

Users will not only have access to a terabyte of storage but they will also be able to share their photos across social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. They will also be able to upload photos in their original, high resolution offering a “huge differentiator to any other product out there,” states Markus Spiering, head of Flickr.

Flickr is also offering a paid service level where users can have access to 2 terabytes for $499 per year or an advertisement free version for $49.99 per year.

Yahoo has been under a renovation in recent years and has also just recently purchased Tumblr and a host of mobile apps.

“When you look at these products as we roll them our, you see a new, consistent look and feel,” stated Mayer.

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