Mark Zuckerberg To Speak At San Francisco Disrupt

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Mark Zuckerberg To Speak At San Francisco Disrupt

Last year share prices boosted 9% when Mark Zuckerberg spoke at Disrupt. This year, he is hoping to get more of the world on the Internet and apparently that is what a large part of his talking is going to be about.

Zuckerberg has been running Facebook for about 10 years now, in what start as a dorm room college startup and has expanded to a social juggernaut.

Now over 1.15 billion people are being helped to connect to friends, family, business and other things.

Zuckerberg is trying to maintain the companies ever changing business, and currently over 41% of the ad revenue is coming from mobile browsers and the mobile app.

One of the most amazing things about what Zuckerberg is doing is that he’s trying to bring Internet to the close to 5 billion people without it.

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