List of 15 New Features That Apples iOS 8 Offers

apple ios8

Apple announced a list of amazing new features for the iOS 8 update and it seems that the company is really aiming to offer something different, if not revolutionary.

Here is an easy go-to list of all the new features:

1.) The integration of Shazam: the app that can tell you the name and artist of any song that is playing in the room will now be part of the iOS 8 software through the Siri feature.

2.) The smart home feature: users will be able to control devices around the home including the front door, the garage, the heating and cooling system and even the lights. By simply telling Siri “get ready for bed” the system will be prompted to close the garage door, lock the front door, dim the lights and fix the thermostat.

3.) The Health App: is a stand alone feature which allows you to sync popular fitness and heath apps such as Nike’s and the Mayo Clinics app. The app will allow you to keep track of health metrics including, steps taken, calories burned and calories consumed.

4.) Quick Type: there is an update to the Messenger auto correct system which will predict the word you are going to type next. The feature is so intelligent that it learns who you are talking to, like your boss or your friends and then appropriately suggests words and phrases.

5.) Keyboard: iOS 8 will support third party keyboard apps like Swype and SiftKey for those who want a different keyboard.

6.) Send Audio or Video Messages: you will now be able to record and send a voice or video message to your friends by selecting the microphone button on the message screen.

7.) Remove or Add People on Group Messages: you will now be able to add or remove people from group messages during mid conversation and you can also silent group chats if you want to stop receiving notifications.

8.) Family Sharing: will allow you to see the purchases of up to five family members. This feature also syncs parents phones to their childrens’ so if the child wants to purchase something on the iTunes or App store, the parents will receive a text to grant permission.

9.) Interactive Notifications: rather than closing the app you are on to reply to message or email notifications, the new iOS 8 will allow you to do it from the screen you are on so you don’t need to leave the app.

10.) Safari Update: the Safari will come equipped with the latest update Mac OS X, Yosemite and will include bookmarks, a reading list and shared links.

11.) Mail Updates: the new mail feature will allow you to flag emails as unread or delete them with a single swipe. When composing an email you can also swipe the message down and go back to your inbox without losing what you typed.

12.) Photos Synced the the Cloud: every photo taken on an iOS 8 device will automatically be uploaded to the cloud as long as you grant access in your settings.

13.) Photo Search/Editing: you will now be able to find your pictures by locations, year, near where you are now and photos taken in specific locales such as the home. There will also be smart editing controls to help quickly adjust the lighting, size and angle of the image.

15.) Cloud Storage: users will get 5GB of free cloud storage and then pay up to $3.99 per month for more.

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