LinkedIN Sponsored Jobs On Mobile

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LinkedIN Sponsored Jobs On Mobile

LinkedIN is now showing sponsored jobs on mobile.

The Sponsored Jobs offering launched on the network last fall, allowing employers to target candidates through paid postings. Employers can bid for top placement in the job recommendations, and pay when candidates click through. The benefit to these listings is that they have the capability of reaching those who may not be actively looking for work, but happen across the job recommendation on the site or via email, and decide to learn more or apply.

This is part of an effort for LinkedIN to further monetize their social business network. LinkedIN is becoming a major hotspot for all things social business networking.

Bidding for a top placement will allow employers to get first crack at good potential candidates for their open positions.

Some companies are putting up dozens, hundreds and in some cases even thousands of jobs on LinkedIN. So far, many companies are reporting that it’s a very effective way to reach qualified candidates.


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