LinkedIn Releases New Connected App

connected app

LinkedIn has announced the release of a new app called Connected.

The professional networking company has already released two standalone apps in the past three months but now they are re- releasing a new, revamped version of their Contacts app.

Although Contacts was released just a few months ago, according to LinkedIn, users were confused over the app and didn’t understand it was more than just an address book. This prompted the company to rebrand and create a new app.

Called Connect, the new app offers an address book, to-do tab, news feed stream and alerts for anniversaries, birthdays or new job listings.

LinkedIn discovered that most people would switch the app on first thing in the morning, so they decided to repurpose the app to include a quick stream of updates so people could easily access the bullet points of the day before they head off to work.

LinkedIn has been pushing their mobile products recently after the company discovered that more than 50 percent of their traffic was coming from mobile sources.

For those who already have the old Contact app installed, Connected is completely compatible and will allow users to sync their calendars across to the new app.

Connected will be released today in the Apple store for iOS.


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