Lambda Labs Is Launching A Facial Recognition API For Google Glass


Lambda labs is launching a facial recognition API for Google Glass.

An early stage startup from San Francisco, Lambda Labs, is getting ready to launch a facial recognition API for Google Glass developers. The API will be made available to developers interested, the company  co-founder Stephen Balaban said.

Congress made an inquiry into Google’s new wearable technology and that’s what sparked the new move, which is still very much in a prototype phase.

The API for their facial recognition technology that launched into beta last year has already been being used by over 1,000 developers. This includes several international firms with major pull. There are over 5 million API calls per monthly, currently. And that is growing at 15 percent month to month. The company is now cash flow positive as of November.

Lambda Labs, an early stage startup out of San Francisco, is preparing to release a facial recognition API for developers working on Google Glass apps. The API will be available to interested developers within a week, company co-founder Stephen Balaban says. The move comes on the heels of a Congressional inquiry into Google’s new wearable technology, still very much in the prototype phase.

The same API has now been tailored to Google Glass to enable facial and object recognition.

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