Jawbones Latest UP3 Fitness Band


Jawbone have released the next generation UP3 wristband and we finally got our hands on a pair to bring you the latest on what to expect. 

The UP3 comes with a range of new features including- the ability to differentiate between exercises such as swimming and running, a more efficient tracking of calorie expenditure, a better heart rate monitor, and a sleep tracking system that can determine REM, light and deep sleeping cycles.

What is interesting to note too however, is that Jawbone shyed away from releasing a fitness band with a display screen stating, “many people don’t want to wear a device with a screen that lights up when they get a call or message- and if they do, they know they can get a smartwatch.”

Instead, Jawbone focussed on making their new fitness tracker discreet and not clunky so it does not interrupt your day.

In terms of upgrades to the design, it is definitely more sleek and much smaller than Jawbones previous UP24 model.

“There are some beautiful smartwatches coming out soon, and Jawbone software will be a part of it, but we still believe there is a place for a fitness focussed wearable too,” stated a Jawbone spokesperson.

The device comes with a watch style clasp that can adjust to fit any size wrist and the battery life can last around seven days.

The watch is also water-proof up to 10 meters deep and collects more data than ever before to help you organize and prioritize your goals and workout regimes.

The UP3 is expected to retail for $179 and comes in three colors- black, red and silver.

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