iPhone Case Lets You Manually Charge Your Phone

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iPhone Case Lets You Manually Charge Your Phone

A new iPhone case will let you manually “pump” charge your phone.

In the event you exhaust both the cellphone battery and Mipwr’s backup battery (that will give you two extra hours of talk time) – you can pump the push lever to produce 30 seconds of talk/text for one minute of pumping. These efforts will create enough battery power to make a distress call or text at a moment’s notice.

What does this mean? iPhone users can now talk for up to 30 seconds for 1.5 minutes of pumping actions on their phones. While the numbers don’t exactly work out to talk and pump at the same time without eventually depleting the battery, it is good to get a quick charge if your battery runs out and you have no other way to charge it.

The weight of the phone and bulkiness kind of detract from any added benefits in many peoples opinions. However, since it is only on a kickstarter phase right now, hopefully the makers will make it as light weight and slim as possible to attract users.


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