iPhone 6 Rhino Shield: 5 X Stronger than Gorilla Glass

Rhino Shield for iPhone 6

Rhino Shield is a new generation shatter-proof screen protector and not just another glass screen protector that will promise the world but shatter within seconds of minor impact. There are surely great glass screen protectors in the market, however most will not keep up to their promises listed on their packaging and none will come close to Rhino Shield’s impact protection capability. Rhino Shield screen protector’s are made by a Uk based company called “Evolutive Labs” and it was a successful Kickstarter Project, thanks to the extraordinary drop test video that accompanied the fundraising campaign.

(Comparison video below of all Major Glass Screen Protectors VS Rhino Shield Screen Protector)

Rhino Shield is a very easy to apply 6 in 1 layer screen protector, which will provide 5 x more damage, impact and screen protection for your precious iPhone 6 and 6 Plus (they also have these available for many other major brand smarthphones).

Rhino Shield is on 0.29cm thin with crystal clear transparency, that feels like a glass screen protector but much stronger in every possible way.

Rhino Shield will save you the hassle of a costly replacement while keeping your original screen in one piece so you can enjoy the greatest gadget available.

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Comparison video of: Rhino Shield VS Major Glass Screen Protector Brands

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