iPhone 5s Sales Double iPhone 5c

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iPhone 5s Sales Double iPhone 5c

It’s no surprise that iPhone 5s sales are double what they are on the iPhone 5c.

For a phone that is exponentially better than the other, it’s not surprised many that the iPhone 5s is getting double the sales. The iPhone 5c is more of the “on a budget” version of the iPhone, while the 5s is the latest and greatest with all the bells and whistles.

With a new retail chief coming from Burberry, they are clearly upping their game so to speak with bringing in more sales and advancing the new phones.

Finally, it’s no surprise that the iPhone 4 is at the back of the pack at only 9% of continued sales. It’s pretty obvious why such an old phone is not getting many sales. It’s no surprise that the 5s is in the front of the pack.


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