iOS 7 Not Compatible With Older iPhones

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iOS 7 Not Compatible With Older iPhones

iOS 7 is not fully compatible with older iPhones. At least, they will not be released with all of the features that were announced at WWDC. The 4 and 4s will get the new look and some features, but they certainly will not get all of them. The 3GS and below will get practically nothing according to reports. Those phones will be locked into iOS 6 and below forever.

The chart above shows the devices and what will be getting and not getting new features.

iTunes Radio, the only feature announced that makes Apple any money, will be available on all iOS 7 compatible devices.

iPad will also be getting some features. But, not the original iPad. That will not be getting all of the features.

Naturally, when you have a company with lots of devices, things just get left behind. They want people to buy the new devices so again, naturally, the older ones get left behind and they want to focus more on the hot in demand devices.

Is this right or wrong? It’s not really right or wrong, but it’s just how it is. Apple never promised to provide updates for all devices¬†indefinitely.

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