Intels Clever and Kinda Creepy Chips that are Always Listening

intel core M

Intel has released a new line of clever, but creepy computer chips that are always listening and ready to turn on using voice commands.

“Hello Computer” is all you have to say to turn on your computer when it is equipped with one of Intel’s latest chips.

The new chips allow your computer to operate as more of a virtual assistant and can open pages and answer questions using voice commands.

Tablets and lightweight laptops will be the first to receive the new Core M chips which are expected to go on sale by the end of the year.

The chips have the ability to constantly listen for sounds or voice instructions due to the digital signal processor core that is designed to process audio with minimal power use.

“It doesnt matter what state the system will be in, it will be listening all the time,” stated Ed Gamsaragan, an engineer at Intel. “You could be actively doing work or it could be in standby.”

The device can also be trained to only respond to your voice however currently, the system is not secure enough to replace a password.

Currently the new chips are compatible with Microsoft and Google devices however it is likely that Intel will expand their network in time.



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