How Apple Gets At Home Workers To Work

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How Apple Gets At Home Workers To Work

Recently Yahoo and Best Buy announced the end to their work at home programs.

This left many people scratching their heads. The big argument was that perhaps these companies don’t really know what they are doing and don’t know how to manage remote employees or contractors.

Recently, Apple employees were polled and a study was done to see why Apple was so successful with their work at home Advisor program that leaves them without having the huge expense of a call center.

The number one thing that employees said, was that Apple constantly keeps them engaged and has things for them to do and literally prompts them every so often to see if they are at their computers.

With a computer only job this makes a lot of sense. The question now is how will this affect other industries including sales people? Sales people don’t necessarily have to be at a computer to do a good job, it’s more about being on the phone, going to meetings, taking care of clients, etc.


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