The Hoverboard is Here


It was foretold in the Back to the Future movies and now it’s finally here- the hoverboard.

Hendo Hoverboard has been creating quite a buzz over the internet this morning as the company just launched their Kickstarter campaign.

Designed by Jill and Greg Henderson, the hoverboard is a skateboard-like design that will hover over the ground.

The experience has been described as “standing on a giant air hockey puck hovering three quarters of an inch above the ground.”

There are a few issues with the hoverboard at present, one being that you can only use it on a non-ferrous metal surface and steering is also an issue.

However, Hendo admits that perfecting their hoverboard will take “a little more time and resources” hence they started their Kickstarter campaign.

The target goal for the campaign is $250,000 by December 15th, and Hendo promises to have the boards available by next year.

The funding is going to be used towards the technology which is in the hover engine. These hover engines create a magnetic field and really can be applied to any object that you want to hover.

Hendo have also proposed special hover parks where users can take their hoverboards to practice.

With 54 days to go, Hendo have already raised $68,803 from 237 backers.

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