Homeless Man Creates his own App

trees for cars

A true life, pay it forward story. 

Need someone to do your coding? Why not recruit a homeless man?

36 year old Leo Grand has launched his new car pooling app, Trees for Cars along with Patrick McConlogue, a 23 year old computer programmer.

McConlogue would pass Grand on his way to work every day. Grand was homeless and living on the streets. One day, McConlogue  decided to offer Grand $100 or the opportunity to learn how to code.

Grand took the job and every day for the last three months, the pair met to create the app.

Grand and McConlogue soon generated 50,000 followers on Facebook and McConlogue taught Grand how to code.

“He writes every line, and he understands every line,” McConlogue said, as prior to this, Grand had never coded.

“If you’ve been blessed with a talent or skill…pay it forward, teach somebody something. Even if you just one help one person, the fact that you even tried is a step in the right direction,” McConlogue concluded.



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