Google Introduces Maps Engine Pro

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Google Introduces Maps Engine Pro

The internet is in a buzz today after Google has announced the launch of their Maps Engine Pro.

What is it exactly?

Unfortunately for a lot of Waze fans, it’s not an advanced version of Waze. We think Waze is already pretty good… But besides the point, is that the new Google powered Maps Engine Pro is actually for businesses.

Maps Engine Pro is a utility that allows small businesses to use Google’s location tools to create maps out of location databases.

The map can be used for virtually anything in business. An example that is floating around the internet is what you see in the featured image of this post, a golf course.

For example, a company could create a map of their golf course that shows nothing else other than that of the golf course.

Let your imagination run wild as companies are lined up to get their hands on this and start creating custom maps.


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