Twitter IPO Investors Looking Past Losses For Now

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Twitter IPO Investors Looking Past Losses For Now

Twitter is a company that is losing money. And they are now going public.

But, will this have as big of an effect on the taxes as you might thing? Analysts say probably not.

Analysts say that the IPO is most likely going to do pretty well. That Twitter since it’s such a popular, widely used platform should do some decent numbers come Initial Public Offering day.

The company hopes to raise capital through the IPO, that’s the whole reason they are doing this. But, not only that, it’s going to turn those company share holders into millionaires.

That’s right, company employees, friends, family and owners that have a piece of the pie before the stock launches will most likely become millionaires overnight as the stock officially launches.

That’s just how it usually works. The public goes crazy buys up tons and tons of shares and all of those people are then able to cash in because of the serge in the stock price.


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