Google and Dropbox Partner Up for Simply Secure

simply secure

Google and Dropbox have partnered up to start “Simply Secure” an initiative to transform online security.

Could it be a slap in the face for Apple? Or is both Google and Dropbox afraid it will happen to them?

The world once believed that cloud storage was safe and secure until the iCloud breach which resulted in images being leaked all across the world wide web.

Perhaps that was the catalyst, as now two of the biggest cloud storage providers, Google and Dropbox have teamed up to ensure that their customers remain safe.

“We believe that people shouldn’t have to make a trade off between security and ease of use,” stated Google. “This is why we’re happy to support Simply Secure, a new organization dedicated to improving the usability and safety of open source tools that help people secure their online lives.”

The new service works on four principals which include:

1.) Providing a positive and accessible user centered internet

2.) Privacy and security

3.) Technology should accept the fact that user security is the number one concern

4.) Security technology should be transparent to users.

While it could take some time for the initiative to be up and running, it is hoped that this new service will make the web securer for everyone.

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