Google and Apple Begin Rejecting Apps Trying to Feed off Flappy Birds Success

flappy bird

After the super popular game Flappy Birds was taken off the app store, Google and Apple have started rejecting wannabe app games with the word ‘flappy’ in the title.

After the creator of Flappy Birds pulled the game from both the Apple and Google app stores, hundreds of developers have been tapping into the publicity by releasing similar games such as Flappy Fish and Flappy Pig.

These developers have been taking advantage of all the hype surrounding Flappy Birds however Google and Apple are putting an end to this.

All new apps with the word “Flappy” in the title are being rejected as are apps that are trying to use Flappy Birds in their marketing strategy.

The main concerns has been that many of the Flappy-knock-offs were found to contain malicious code.

Those apps that were previously accepted are currently still searchable in the app store however it is not yet certain if Google or Apple will pull them down. 

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