Google to Phase Out Passwords in Favor of Ultrasonic Sound Security


It seems that every week we are hearing of more website hacks and security breaches and to put an end to all of this Google has acquired SlickLogin.

An Israeli based startup, SlickLogin uses sounds to authenticate website logins instead of passwords.

It works like this- when you visit a site an ultrasonic, silent sound is picked up via a mobile app. The sound is then verified and sent back to the company to confirm your identity based on the server the site is hosted on.

Since the authentication relies on multiple devices and uses randomly generated codes it becomes much safer than password logins.

The only downside to the technology is that it is much slower than just logging in with a password but sources say that SlickLogin is working on making the technology super fast.

It is not clear how much Google paid for SlickLogin although rumours are suggesting that it was in the multi-million dollar range.

Google reported on their site that they are aiming to make logging into sites easy, effective and safe using the start ups two-step verification system.

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