Google Acquires WIMM Labs

google acquires wimm labs

Google Acquires WIMM Labs

Confirmed straight from the source, Google has acquired WIMM Labs last year, a company that was previously setup to make an Android-powered smartwatch. Now the company has entered into an exclusive partnership with Google, however those details are not entirely clear at this moment.

The Google WIMM Labs acquisition has been reported earlier by Gigaom.

The rumor lately has been that Google is developing a smartwatch of its own. The patents have turned up earlier this year, filed all the way back in 2011. The hints in the past were that Google was powering their wearable devices with Android. CEO Larry Page let this slip during quarterly earnings calls earlier this year that Glass runs on its smartphone and tablet OS, and also that Android is “pretty transportable across devices”.

Google has always seemed to have larger ambitions for Android than just smartphones.

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