Epson Moverio Smart Glasses Display a 360-Degree Video Wall


Google Glass wasn’t the only pair of smart glasses displayed at the Google I/O event this year.

Enter Epson Moverio. Epson has utilized the I/O as a way to showcase it’s Moverio BT-100 smart glasses. They had an exhibit setup at the YouTube Developers Sandbox showing off their version of high-tech smart glasses running a virtual YouTube wall.

Epson’s glasses are not like Google Glass. They don’t display information in a small corner above your line of sight, instead they display content directly in front of you like an overlay on top of the world. As a result it’ll look like an 80 inch TV hanging from your head in your field of vision. This can contain information about the space your in, the people around you or a particular project you’re working on.

These are more-so geared towards enterprise level customer rather than consumer. They can be used to live-stream what’s going on in front of you. A doctor for instance could be wearing the glasses to see vital-signs about a patient he’s working on and then dial another doctor on the glasses for support if need be.

All in all, the Epson is what many people thought Google Glass would be, instead of what it is not.

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