Flappy Bird to Return to App Stores “Soon”

flappy bird

No surprises here but Flappy Bird is set to return to app stores. When however, still remains a mystery.

Dong Nguyen, the creator of Flappy Bird pulled the popular app from the store as he claimed it “ruined his life.”

Despite generating thousands in revenue each day, Nguyen said that the super addictive game had become destructive for many people and their lives.

Nearly 1 million reviews from both the Apple and Android stores stated that the game had ruined their marriages and sent them “cuckoo” over the ridiculously hard and addictive game. While most of these reviews were probably ‘tongue-in-cheek’ it seems that Nguyen took them to heart.

Some felt that the decision was a marketing stunt from Nguyen as the game rose to fame almost overnight. When news began to surface that the game was going to be taken down, thousands more downloaded it and devices with the game installed became a hot commodity online.

In fact, after the game was taken down, app developers jumped on the chance to release their own “flappy” games until both Apple and Google banned games with “flappy” in the title.

Now it appears that Nguyen is planning to relaunch the game “but not soon.”

Nguyens app studio, Dot Gears is also preparing to launch two other games, Shuriken Block and Super Ball Juggling and it appears that these games are higher on the list than the beloved, Flappy Bird.



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