Fitbit Announces Three New Sports Bands


Fitbit has just announced that they are planning to release three new devices.

Fitbit is currently leading the market when it comes to sports bands however as competition heats up, it appears that the company has decided to release three new devices.

These include the Fitbit Charge, the Fitbit Charge HR and the Fitbit Surge.

Fitbit states that these latest wearables have been designed to attract the three most popular user bases- those who engage in every day, active and performance training.

The Fitbit Charge is designed to be worn all day and is very similar to the current Fitbit Force except that it has a larger display and caller ID. The screen is OLED and the band is made from elastomer which make it more durable.

It is expected to retail for $129.95.

The Fitbit Charge HR is very similar to the Charge however it comes with an optical heart rate monitor called PurePulse which reads the heart rate every second. This means that it is more accurate in determining how many calories burned. In terms of design, it has a sleep buckle fastener and will be available in more color options.

It is expected to retail for slightly more at $149.95.

The Fitbit Surge was designed for those who do extreme sports or lots of physical activity as it comes with a GPS, HRM and call and text notifications. The screen is also a LCD touch screen that is backlit.

Surge automatically starts GPS tracking, your heart rate and the duration of your workouts, laps and routes. It also maps your routes and users can customize the watch. For example, users can select options such as hiking, yoga, martial arts, tennis etc.

The watch face is also noticeably bigger and the comes with a buckle fastener as well.

It is expected to retail for $249.95.

Both the Fitbit Charge and Charge HR is expected to be released in November whereas the Surge is expected to be released  early next year.

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