AT&T Lock Apple’s Multi Carrier SIM


AT&T has been caught out for locking the new iPad multi-carrier SIM to their own network.

Perhaps it comes as no shock that AT&T would attempt to lock Apple’s new iPad’s to their service as that is what they have done with Apple’s iPhones and previous iPad models.

The news this time around is particularly disheartening however, as instead of releasing carrier network SIMS, Apple has released what they term a “multi-carrier” SIM which means that users can switch networks when and if they choose.

This of course is definitely something customers have asked for and stops big network carriers such as AT&T having a monopoly on services.

While At&T have been caught out locking the SIM, companies like Verizon have refused to participate in the service altogether.

This shows just how lucrative it is for these big networks to lock your phones and devices to their network, as once they are locked it makes it much harder for users to switch.

Currently the only companies embracing Apples own SIM is both Sprint and T-Mobile however, there are rumors that Sprint customers are also being hit with difficulties signing in.

If you are on an AT&T plan with your new iPad, you will have to purchase a new SIM from the Apple Retail Store in order to be free from their consumerist clutches.

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