The FCC Intervenes in Netflix Vs. The Cable Companies


The Federal Communications Commission is now involved in the Netflix, Verizon and Comcast dispute as consumers begin complaining.

US regulators will now review agreements between Netflix, Verizon and Comcast to find out why consumers have been complaining about reduced speeds.

Netflix, Verizon and Comcast have long been battling it out as both sides accuse each other of slowing down internet speeds.

Netflix, which is a large content provider has been inundated with fees from cable companies that protest that their content slows down their internet service. Netflix on the other hand, states that they pay additional fees and should not be throttled due to consumer popularity.

The FCC is now looking into the contracts between Netflix and the cable companies to determine how best to handle this ongoing battle.

In fact, it was this battle that bought public attention to need for open internet.

While talks on open internet have not really been favorable, the FCC is now leading investigations to protect consumers from being ripped off.

“Consumers need to understand what is occurring when the Internet service they’ve paid for does not adequately deliver the content they desire, especially content they’ve also paid for,” said FCC chairman, Tom Wheeler.

“What we are doing right now is collecting information, not regulating. We are looking under the hood. Consumers want transparency. They want answers. And so do I,” he concluded.



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