Google to Install Fiber in Portland

google fiber

Portland is set to become the next major city to install Google Fiber.

What better way to dominate the internet then to release your own super fast internet by way of fiber optic cables, and that is exactly what Google has done.

Google has developed what they consider to be the fastest, most efficient internet service and it seems that Portland is going to be the next major city to receive the Gigabit Fiber Network.

The tech giant has invested over $300 million in this project and is looking to expand out to as many cities as they can before rival, AT&T begins unrolling their fiber service.

Starting from this month until the end of the year, Google teams will be reviewing the topography of the city of Portland and also installing three outdoor Wi-Fi systems in popular locations.

Google is aiming to keep their internet service costs super low. They are offering 5 megabits per second for just a one time payment of $300.  Which is around 100 times faster than broadband speeds today.

As Google begins installing their super fast internet, the residents of Portland may have to deal with some disruptions. The company plans to install around 15 “fiber huts” and 200 utility cabinets in public areas which means the city of Portland has to rewrite some of their installation rules.

The reward may be well worth it however as Portland moves up in the world.



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