Facebook Uses Your Photos In Ads

facebook uses your photos

Facebook Uses Your Photos In Ads

How do feel about Facebook’s ad policy allowing them to use your photos in their ads?

You heard that right, Facebook uses your photos in their ads. Technically, they have some sort of legal right to your photos, says Facebook.

Anything you upload to Facebook, according to them, they have the right to use in their advertising. That means that photos you post online on your Facebook profile could be used for your friends to sell them something.

Many people are not happy about this policy and it’s not clear if making your photos private would even stop them from showing up.

Personally, if a photo was used of mine without my direct consent I wouldn’t be too happy about it. It’s still a photo I took and no matter how they have changed their terms of service, and forced me to continue to agree to whatever they write in their to use their service, I don’t like it.


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