Elon Musk Will Prove Supercharging Works

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Elon Musk Will Prove Supercharging Works

Elon Musk, is set to travel from LA to NY to prove that Supercharging works.

He says that only 9 hours will be spent charging on his road trip with his family.

This would prove to be a symbolic victory for Musk and Tesla, proving to naysayers that EV travel is not inconvenient and that if you plan properly that you can go just about anywhere these days on a supercharge of Tesla.

Tesla is growing their reach and partnering up with various hotels, gas stations and companies to make sure that the nation is covered well for supercharging stations.

One day in the future gas could be gone altogether if the electric vehicle prices come down to prices that average consumers can afford. What will the gas industry do about this? Things could get interesting.

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