E-Cig Companies Not Helping People Stop Smoking

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E-Cig Companies Not Helping People Stop Smoking

E-Cigs came along in full force 2 or 3 years ago and have been a growing trend ever since. The industry is a $3 billion a year industry now and growing rapidly. Many smokers are lured in on the idea that it will help them quit something. This could be ever further from the truth.

As it stands right now, E-Cigs can be “somewhat” better for you in the long run, because you aren’t inhaling all the chemicals that come along with actual cigarettes. But, you’re still smoking an addicative chemical in nicotine.

The marketing really plays up that it’s a great alternative to smoking, and might help you quit. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Companies are not making E-Cigs with the hopes that you will use their product and quit. They are hoping you use their product, then use their product some more, buy the replacement packs and cartridges, and buy more E-Cigs and updated models.

This is a business like anything else, including cigarettes and it’s not in their best interest business wise to get you to quit smoking and to stop using their product. The industry is there to make money, and you are their customer.

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