Recycle Bins That Track Passing People Via WiFi

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Recycle Bins That Track Passing People Via WiFi

Did you ever think that there would be a day where a recycle bin would track who passes by via Wifi?

Well that day is here. Actually, that day started in 2012 prior to the Olympics in London.

These high-tech bins actually scan for nearby WiFi signals and can determine make and model of the device, as well as some other cool stats including how fast the person is walking and etc.

In theory, they could be used to track people from bin to bin, although they can’t get such specific information as of now that would uniquely identify a given person.

The possibilities are endless if companies start supporting local advertising to people passing by with WiFi devices. In theory there are all sorts of cool advertising ideas that could come into play for the local marketing should the technology integrate those features.

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