Drones Controlled from iPhone

parrot drone iphone

The Consumer Electronics Show is underway in Las Vegas and gadgets are being featured from all around the world from both big companies and young start ups. 

One of the gadgets peaking interest at CES include an AR drone that can be controlled from your iPhone or iPad.

Henri Seydoux, CEO of Parrot came all the way from Paris to show how his mini drone and jumping sumo can be controlled from simply tapping and swiping on the iPhone.

The mini drones are bluetooth compatible and can travel a short distance in the air. They can also move on the floor and can hover like a helicopter.

Both the drones connect to WiFi and can travel as far as the wifi connection is in range.

Parrot has designed an accelerometer, ultrasonic sensor, gyroscope and downwards facing camera to each drone however there is no usable camera on board and no video output.

Both drones will debut later this year however it has not been announced how much they will retail for. Parrot has stated that the drones will be ‘affordable’ and experts estimate that the drones will retail for under $300.

Drones are set to become more popular as even companies such as Amazon are working with drone technology to create an 30 minute package delivery system.

The downside? Besides being expensive, Drones also have limited battery time. Parrots version only has 20 minutes of battery life.

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