Roku to Launch Smart TV

roku TV

Roku, the company known for creating affordable set top boxes has teamed up with a TCL and Hisense to make a TV that streams both cable and online content. 

The plan for the new online and cable compatible TV was announced at the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas.

Roku announced that it was taking their set top boxes and placing them inside to create a flat screen TV that allows users to access both online TV streaming such as Netflix, as well as regular cable channels without having an external set top box.

Roku has partnered with Hisense and TCL to create the flat screen smart TV and sizes are set to range from 32″ to 55″.

These new TV’s are set to have over 1,200 apps or channels including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and Pandora and users will also be able to add regular cable TV.

Smart TV’s have become increasing popular in recent years and it seems that TV manufacturers are trying to turn the humble television into a device more like a smartphone or tablet.

Samsung and LG both released Smart TV’s however, Roku states that their models are much easier and simpler to use.

The Roku TV’s are set to be available in the Fall 2014 but pricing has not been announced.

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