Google Ordered to Pay Back $19M to Customers

google play

Google is being ordered to refund over $19 million in unauthorized app purchases.

Free apps that offer misleading in-app purchases have come under scrutiny as Google is ordered to pay customers back after some racked up huge bills unknowingly.

The same issue occurred with Amazon and Apple and now it seems that Google has also been ordered by the Federal Trade Commission to pay customers back.

The biggest concern with these in-app purchases is that many of them occurred on apps targeted at children. There has been growing debate that many of these apps deliberately mislead kids to make purchases on their parents accounts without authorization.

Apple was forced to make changes that required all in-app purchases to be authorized only by re-entering the user name and password.

Google is expected to follow suit, until then customers can expect  a refund if they believe they have been unfairly targeted.

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